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TO: The Board of Directors and Administrators of Health Care, Institutions, Hotels, Motels Schools, Dormitories, Office Towers, etc.

The safety and care of your occupants is a daily concern but in an emergency situation their safety is of prime importance. Do your staff waste valuable time accounting for occupants in an emergency?

Now you can provide an expedient method to ensure rooms and other occupied spaces are evacuated in an emergency situation.

Many facilities such as yours use various methods to indicate a room/occupied spaces have been searched by staff and evacuated. Such things as towels, pot holders and chalk marks on the door have been used but they are not foolproof, causing confusion and wasting precious time by staff who have to recheck such areas.

REMAR, a standard safety product, is secured to the door of the room/occupied space and provides an efficient method to indicate that a space is occupied or vacant. In an emergency situation and during daily operations the REMAR can also be used to indicate if the occupant is on a life support system or required assistance to leave the room.

REMAR is now in use in numerous institutions from coast to coast and has proved to be an economical solution to a major problem.